East African Breweries Limited (EABL) requires 4,000 new bars to be opened in western Kenya for its Kisumu plant to operate at maximum capacity. The construction of the Sh15 billion Senator Keg brewery is set to be completed by July 2018. The brewery will create employment for at least 12 distributors in the Western region.

The brewery is majorly owned by UK-based Multinational Diageo and it supplies over 20,000 senator keg bars in Kenya.

“It’s an enormous project, which as you can imagine we’ve got very well resourced, which is why typically these things take a couple of years. But our goal and our internal working plan are to have it open sometime in 2019,” Said Andrew Cowan, East African Breweries Limited Managing Director.

For the first time, the brewer has revealed how many bars it would take to sell the product from factory located on a 55-acre land in Kisumu. The factory will create direct employment for 100 people while also doublings EABL’s contracted sorghum farmers to 30,000 to achieve its target capacity production of 100 million litres yearly.

The senator drink is served in mugs from barrels and it is preferred in the region because of its pocket-friendly prices. However, the drink’s sales in the half-year ended December 2017 declined by Sh1.5 billion due to the long election period.

EABL’s managing director also hinted at the likelihood of adding more production lines besides Senator Keg at the factory. “Kisumu is a great location for us. It is near the lake and you need water to make beer. There is also a rich employment based there. In the long-term, we thought well beyond Senator before choosing that location. We chose Kisumu to give us flexibility,” he added.

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