Following revelations yesterday of the changes that the education system has been going through, some ways that might help to easily adjust and also save on school rush hour.

Accept that change is the only constant thing in life. The truth is as much as we don’t like changes, the only constant thing in this life is change. Accept that fact of life and move with the cheese. Learn to accept things that are beyond your control because the truth is you can’t change them or reverse them no matter the complaints.

Have extra lessons for your children.
With the long holidays quickly becoming a task, parents should take advantage of that to help their children grow in more co-curriculum activities. Have piano, guitar lessons, drum sets, swimming, golf ,cooking lessons,decor lessons, teach them a new language especially for kids below 13 years, they can easily grab as many aspects of life.
Have extra lessons for your children in their weak subjects. It will make them better especially if tuition is offered at a personal level.
Allow your children to attend church camps, hikings among other activities that also help them grow in their social life.

Have family vacations.
Normally when the word vacation is mentioned, many people think of huge moneys but the truth is a vacation can only be a weekend away in the village, experience local food and dances, take your children to museums,orphanage or any other traditional place. Make them experience the local culture. We live in a generation where hardly do children have a clue of their language or even traditions and this would be a good time to once in a while experience it and shed some light on their origin.

Buy books and movies for the kids.
One of the best way to stimulate kids minds is through movies especially boys.
Find educational movies for your children and have them watch during the holidays.
The other best way to stimulate every mind not only for children but also adults is through reading books. Buy your kids books and help them develop a reading culture. Start slowly and grow it into a habit,children will easily pick the habit and some carry them into adulthood. Who knows if some of them become scholars later on in life.

For you to get quality products, shop for your kids immediately they report home for holidays.
Once your kids are home, it’s good to take stock of your kids needs immediately and if the money is available, seek to sought the need as soon. This way, there will be no last minute rush to shop when schools are reopening.

To help curb transport costs, hire a personal vehicle and drive your children to school.
Sometime the cost charged by public vehicles is extremely exorbitant. If you would like to take your kid to school, it might be cheaper to hire someone’s vehicle or better still use the cab services. Hardly do these services increase their prices with great margins compared to their counterparts.

Do you think there are better ways, share them with us.

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