Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) has increased the woes of the once giant supermarket chain by terminating all transactions using Nakumatt Global cards. DTB has been the lead issuer of Nakumatt Global Prepaid cards since 2013.

The bank said it has stopped transactions conducted on ATMs, online, and point of sale machines.

“DTB is no longer issuing Nakumatt Global Cards. Cardholders with expired/lost cards as well as new prepaid card applicants will be issued with a new multi-currency DTB prepaid card, which will soon be introduced into the market,” the bank said in a notice to its customers.

DTB also said it will inform its customers on how to get their money including the choice of transferring it to a new prepaid card which will be introduced in a few weeks or over the counter.

DTB’s decision is yet another blow to the retailer as it continues to sink farther into financial a crisis.





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