Eaagads Ltd.

Eaagads Estate is a coffee farm owned by Eagaads Company Limited (a company listed in the Nairobi stock Exchange) managed by Kofinaf Co. Ltd [formerly Socfinaf Co. Ltd] and is located in Thika Division of Thika District; Kiambu County. The estate’s main activities include coffee growing and pulping before delivery to the coffee mill. It lies on L.R.No. 8408 and 7787 whose total holding is 385.402 Ha, broken down as follows;
– Coffee bearing 203.37Ha
– Grasslands 149.737Ha
– Fuel plantation 13.295Ha
– Dams nil
– Sites 19.00 Ha
TOTAL AREA: 385.402Ha.

Shares Issued:                                                   32.16M

Trading Year End:                                           March, 31.


Top Shareholders:

             Name                                                                          Ownership (%)

  1. Kofinaf Company Ltd.                                                               61.74
  2. Arbella K. D. Illingworth                                                           11.08
  3. Vivienne Mary Rogerson                                                           11.08
  4. Sally Clare Davey                                                                           1.81
  5. Angela Mary Harrison                                                                  1.81
  6. Minesh M Shah                                                                              1.36
  7. Chetan Mulchad Shah                                                                  1.31
  8. Satchu Aly Khan                                                                            0.83
  9. Bijal Mulchad Shah                                                                       0.83
  10. Alimohamed Adam                                                                        0.56



Gross Revenue (M):44.73 (+6.48%)7913136159
Production Costs (M):35.471 (-1.92%)(75)(88)(101)(103)
Gross Profit (M):22.348 (-22.37%)543-6556
Profit Before Tax (M):13.614 (-27.48%)-1512-8336
Tax (M)311724-14
Profit After Tax (M):9.53 (-20.57%)1629-5922
P/E Ratio:179-22.3-13.950
EPS:0.30 (-18.92%)0.18-1.3-1.840.68
DPS: ---

Dividend History:

First and final dividend Payment of Ksh. 1.25 in 2012

First and final dividend Payment of Ksh. 1.25 in 2011

First and final dividend payment of Ksh. 0.63 in 2009

Share Splits/Bonus:

Share Bonus of 1:1 in 2012

Share Bonus of 1:1 in 2009

No Previous Rights Issues