Equity Bank is taking advantage of the increasing number of Chinese expats in Kenya by launching a Mandarin app.

That means that Chinese customers can now use the Eazzy Banking app in Mandarin to access banking services.

“All of Equity Bank’s services offered on its mobile banking app are now available in the most spoken dialect in the world, Chinese Mandarin,” the bank said in a statement.

“Users can download and/or upgrade the Chinese Mandarin-enabled Eazzy Banking App on Google Play Store.”

Additionally, Equity Bank has created a fully-fledged Chinese desk to cater for this client segment.

Stanbic, Co-op Bank, and NBK also operate such desks to cater for Chinese customers whose numbers have increased as trade between the Kenya and China grows.

China has become one of the most important trade partners for Kenya particularly in financing local infrastructure projects and supplying a wide range of consumer and capital goods.



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