One of the greatest thing that companies have now seemed to embrace is the devolvement of their industries into other parts of Kenya as opposed to only having industries in major towns such as Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. iHub is among the industries that has taken this concept a notch higher. iHub Limited, a company which runs an innovations incubation laboratory for techies will now establish their innovation hubs in both Garissa and Marsabit.

This will be an extension from their major offices opeartional in Nairobi area only and  this establishment will be mainly for the aim of developing solutions to the hunger-stricken communities in the rural areas.

The iHub will be funded by UK Aid and will work in partnership with Mastercard International and Adeso.The project will be running for 21 months and will have its main goals integrated with the local community to provide solutions related to drought, hunger and other major problems in the area.

According to iHub manager,”The lab will be accessible to all segments of the community and the consortium will ensure participation of rural communities at the village level rather than focus on urban issues” However, there will be experts input from all over the world that will help innovators have ample space to develop their ideas and receive quick feedback on their prototypes.

The iHub was established in 2010 as a working space for Kenya’s budding tech industry but the company was last year acquired by venture capital firm BSP Fund LLC . This was in a bid to acquire an investor who would inject the massive capital and investment needed to drive growth.

The company was doing well and is still one of the best Tech companies in Kenya and According to the mandatory regulatory filings of 2015 the  iHub had a turnover of at least Sh299.1 million despite having operated for a very short period.


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