Kakuzi Ltd.

Kakuzi Limited is a listed company trading on both the Nairobi and the London Stock Exchange. The company engages in the cultivation, manufacture and marketing of tea, growing and marketing of avocados, livestock farming, growing of pineapples, macadamia and forestry development. Operating in two separate locations in Kenya, the main operations and Head Office is based at Makuyu about 65 Km North East of Nairobi and the other operation, mainly for Tea, is situated in Nandi Hills about 350 Km North West of Nairobi.


Shares Issued:                                  19.60M

Trading Year End:                           December 31.


Top Shareholders:

         Name                                                                                               Ownership (%)

  1. John Kibunga Kimani                                                                                    27.76
  2. Bordure Limited                                                                                              26.06
  3. Lintak Investments Limited                                                                         24.64
  4. Standard Chartered Nominees – A/C 9532                                                  1.73
  5. G.H. Kluge & Sons Limited                                                                              1.22
  6. Kenyalogy.com Limited                                                                                    1.10
  7. CFC Stanbic Nominees Ltd – A/C NR1031143                                             1.02
  8. HBSC Global Custody Nominee (UK) Ltd.                                                   1.02
  9. Joe Barrage Wanjui                                                                                           0.62
  10. John Okuna Ogango                                                                                          0.53


Camellia Plc (incorporated in England), by virtue of its interests in Bordure Limited incorporated in England and Lintak Investments Limited incorporated in Kenya, is deemed to be interested in these stock units.



 Year:1H2016 (Ksh.M)FY2015 (Ksh.M)FY2014 (Ksh.M)FY2013 (Ksh.M)FY2012 (Ksh.M)
1.Gross Revenue 4372482176914811628
2.Production Costs(1260)(1133)(972)(895)
3.Gross Profit 1336637508733
4.Profit Before Tax 51604764233239479
5.Tax (16366)(237)(73)(74)(130)
6.Profit After Tax 35238528160165349
9.P/E ratio22


Previous Dividend History:

First and Final Dividend of Ksh. 5.00 for FY2015

First and Final Dividend of Ksh. 3.75 for FY2014

First and Final Dividend of Ksh. 3.75 for FY2013

First and Final Dividend of Ksh. 3.75 for FY2012

First and Final Dividend of Ksh. 3.75 for FY2011

First and Final Dividend of Ksh. 2.50 for FY2010


No Previous Share Splits/Bonuses

No Previous Rights Issues