Kenya in the recent past seem to be moving in an amazing pace towards environmental sustainability. This has been shown through the recent ban of plastic bags, discussion on the ban of plastic bottles and now the proposed ban on lead paints.

The new standards concerning the ban were gazetted on January 26, 2018. Following the gazement, the policy makers, Kenya Paint Manufacturers and the Civil Society Organizations held dialogue on January 31, 2018 in Nairobi.The dialogue was aimed at deliberating on eradication of lead-containing paints, how to speed-up the implementation of the new standards for the overall attainment of the global goal of lead-free paints by 2020.

According to past research and finding, lead paints have adverse effects both environmental and healthy related.Among children, lead causes permanent health such as learning disabilities, visual and learning disorders,lung problems and anaemia.

According to the Executive Director CEJAD ,Mr Griffins Ochieng, this is the best decision that the government could ever make. He said“The new standards will not only control lead paints in Kenya but will directly protect the intelligence of Kenyan children. Lead exposure affects children even at low levels, and its health impacts are generally irreversible and lifelong. We applaud the government for this action, however, the effective implementation of this standard remains the most critical action to help protect the intellectual development of our children and thus secure our country’s future intellectual capacity”

It is not yet clear when the implementation will start but once effected, the ban will enforce the new  standards to terminate the production, export, import, sale, and use of lead-containing paints.

The country should be ready to embrace these changes and effect them immediately .This will help curb the environmental challenges the country has been experiencing such as extreme drought, delayed rainfall among others  while also averting long-term consequences of polluted environment.


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