The court have this week scheduled for proceedings after a contempt was  filed against Kenya Power Chief Executive Officer Ken Tarus  and Energy Regulatory Commission director general,Robert Pavel Oimeke. The contempt was filed on Tuesday by the former boss of Law Society of Kenya,Apollo Mboya. His claims were that the two companies have failed to comply with previous orders given requiring them to stop charging consumers for their backdated bills in an attempt to recover 10.1 Billion.

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Former LSK boss Apollo Mboya was refering to an order that was issued by Justice John Mativo on January 12 this year. However, according to him,on January 23 this year, Kenya Power and Lighting Company billed him with a total amount of Sh 2319.43. This was despite his monthly bill showing a zero consumption of electricity based on the same previous and current meter reading. “The two directors have continued to bill consumers with backdated electricity bills in contempt of the court order of January 12,2018,”said Mboya.

Mboya was quick to note that the said bill of 2319.43 must be a backdated bill since he has never at any one time paid such a high cost for electricity consumption. He also said that there is no way the consumption can be zero yet the total bill amount to 2319.43. He said that the only reasons to have such bills can only be through extra charges that Kenya power is charging to recover Sh 10.1 billion contained in the annual report and financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2017.

He said that the court should be quick to honor his prayers and his application be granted otherwise the two said companies will continue acting in contempt of court and matters pending before the court will be rendered nugatory to the detriment of consumers. The court has promised to look keenly into the matter for the purposes of protecting consumers from further exploitation.

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