Reacting to the announcement of his exit, Mr Jadiah Mwarania said he was shocked at his sudden dismissal from Kenya Re where he had worked as MD for seven years. He also said that the board had not offered him an explanation for the sudden dismissal.

“I reported to work as usual and was told to leave by the chairman of the board,” Mr Mwarania said.

In a curt and non-explanatory letter to the NSE, the chairman of the board, Mr David Kemei, simply said Mr Mwarania “has separated from the company with immediate effect.”

“I am shocked. I have not been formally served with a termination letter or told why I have been asked to leave,” Mr Mwarania added.

However, the chairman later offered more explanation regarding the issue through a press statement which said: “The board reached its decision following a review of the corporation’s 5-year strategic plan and milestones it is looking to achieve and in that view made the decision that Mr Mwarania had served his purpose.”

In his place, Mr Michael Mbeshi, the property management general manager was appointed as managing director in acting capacity with immediate effect.

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