Tea producers want the Ministry of Agriculture to reconstitute the Tea Board and appoint directors from different parastatal boards in its docket.

Kenya Tea Growers Association (KTGA) CEO Apollo Kiarii said the boards will offer guidance to the sectors and subsectors, highlighting that failure to make this happen could compromise the progress that has been made so far in the tea sector such as crop disease research.

Kiarii pointed out that the Tea Research Institute should regularly carry out research to control the occurrence of diseases in the future. However, the Tea Research Institute does not have a board to look up to for guidance.

“We need to see boards of directors appointed to the various bodies under the Ministry and the Agriculture Food Authority (AFA), including the reinstatement of the Tea Board of Kenya, to ensure direction for the development of the tea sector,” KTGA CEO stated.

“The Tea Board was independent; it was guided by an Act of Parliament; various stakeholders had a voice. We need to see it reconstituted.”

Alfred Busolo, AFA’s director-general said the matter of boards, including the lack of one at AFA, was already at the Ministry.

“The issue of boards is for the ministry to decide on, so we can’t comment on it,” he added.

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