As the Christmas Season approach, many Kenyans have already started wondering in their minds how they will meet all their hefty bills ranging from increased transport, increased cost of food among other things. Christmas itself comes in handy with many bills as families gather and one wonders, do I sacrifice my family time for money or do I go ahead and spend more and more money to meet relentless demands that relatives make at such times.? Even though these thoughts are valid, one need to make a list of the pros and Cons of traveling but also with the understanding that Christmas is the only family season and so it’s a huge sacrifice to decide against it.

So how does one make end meets?

Do you Save or borrow?
The best way to make out of this season is to have a budget.
Make a list of all the items you will require for the season and align them with the amount available for spending. This will include any money for miscellaneous such as donations, gifts etc. Once you have made the budget, stick to that budget and only make adjustments when you cant do without a particular item.

Travel early to save on transportation cost.
Be wise as to consider transport cost for the season. If you have nothing hindering you from traveling early, then you can travel days earlier and save on transportation

Consider items on offer, early shopping and bulk purchase.
On buying Christmas gifts and clothes, consider those items on offer. Being a festive season, many companies are willing to give their customers a run for their money.
One of the other best way is to start shopping early before the Christmas hype begins.
For the impromptu visits and guests, you can also consider to buy things in wholesale shops for similar items that you might buy in bulk. In Kenya, a place like Kamukunji or Eastleigh would be a good choice for clothes and household items.

Price Considerations.
Most vendors since they know customers are ignorant of prices will take advantage of the Christmas season to provide goods and services exorbitantly.Consider comparing prices in different Supermarkets, one supermarket will offer goods on a higher price than others depending on the locations and time. Use information available on net or on Television to determine what is best to buy and where. This will help you make a great saving.
Consider that one item can have a difference of over Ksh 10 per item and how much that accumulation could make a big difference over ten or so items.


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