Nation Media Group (NMG) has announced a Sh150 million investment in a state-of-art new digital publishing system as part of its agenda in transforming into a twenty-first modern digital content company. The Group is undertaking this transformation in partnership with Newscycle Solution, a US-based software development company. The installation process will take approximately 9 months, a period within which the staff will familiarise themselves with the system’s operations. The existing publishing system was acquired in 2006.

According to the acting CEO, Stephen Gitagama, the system will increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of NMG’s current businesses.

“The publishing system will enable NMG to exploit our strengths and optimise our media assets across all platforms. More specifically, the system will enhance and redefine content management such as convergence, advertising management, subscription management, and mobile solutions,” NMG said in a statement.

The system will not only enable the Group to provide special offers to consumers and advertisers but also boost its traffic and revenue for its business.

“We will continue to prioritise our resources and investments in content development, monetisation and innovation in line with emerging ways that new age consumers are consuming media,” Gitagama said

“We wish to reassure our stakeholders that we continue to be committed to delivering value in line with their expectations.”

The announcement, which was made yesterday did not affect NMG’s share price which remained at Sh103.


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