Safaricom PLC, Webmasters Kenya Limited, and Webmasters Africa Limited have been permitted to defend themselves against claims filed by Goldrock Capital Limited for preventing it from accessing e-Citizen’s M-Pesa paybill number. Goldrock has also sued the Treasury for the same reasons.

Webmasters is the firm that developed the e-Citizen platform.

Goldrick Capital Limited, a company that was contracted to collect money raised via the platform, is claiming Sh127,850,950, for its part in the contract.

Fred Ochieng, a High Court judge has said some of Goldrock’s statements need to be argued out in court to establish their legitimacy.

Initially, Goldrock received a court judgement permitting it to access the money prior to being locked out of the M-Pesa paybill account last year in April.

“I set aside the judgment because the defences proposed by the defendants give rise to triable issues,” Justice Ochieng said.

The e-Citizen platform allows Kenyans to access government services online such as company registration, driving licences, titles deeds, and vehicle logbooks.

Since 2014, Goldrick has collected more than Sh5.6 billion from the e-Citizen platform.

Among the issues, the judge wants clarification on the legitimacy of Goldrock’s right to collect revenue for the government.


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