Safaricom Ltd (SCOM)


Company Overview:

Safaricom Ltd is a leading mobile network operator in Kenya. It was formed in 1997 as a fully owned subsidiary of Telcom Kenya. In May 2000, Vodafone Group Plc of the United Kingdom acquired a 40% stake and management responsibility for the company. Safaricom Ltd  provides voice, data, financial services and enterprise solutions for a range of subscribers, small businesses and government, using a variety of platforms. As the biggest communication company in East and Central Africa, Safaricom delights over 25.1 million subscribers, providing over 200,000 touch points for its customers and offering over 100 different products under its portfolio. The Company’s integrated telecommunication services include mobile and fixed voice, short messaging service (SMS), data, Internet and M-PESA. Its network is on second generation (2G), third generation (3G), fourth generation (4G) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wimax) technology. It also offers a range of devices, such as mobile handsets, mobile broadband modems, routers, tablets and notebooks. M-PESA enables users to send and receive money, and pay for goods and services through mobile phone. It offers a range of messaging services, such as basic SMS and multimedia messaging service (MMS).

Shares Issued:                      40.07B

Trading Year End:             March 31


1.Vodafone Kenya Limited39.9
2.Cabinet Secretary To The National Treasury35.0
3.Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees LTD A/C KE0021121.0
4.Standard Chartered Nominees Non-Resd. A/C 90690.6
5.Standard Chartered Nominees Non-Resd. A/C 98350.5
6.Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees Ltd A/C KE 19796 0.5
7.Kenya Commercial Bank Nominees Limited A/C 1019D0.5
8.Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees Ltd A/C KE205310.4
9.Standard Chartered Nominees Non-Resd A/C 93180.3
10.Standard Chartered Nominees Non-Resd A/C 98530.3



  FY 2016 (Ksh.M)FY 2015 (Ksh.M)FY 2014 (Ksh.M)FY 2013 (Ksh.M)FY 2012 (Ksh.M)
1.Service Revenue177,784156,247138,361118,051100,193
2.Total Revenue195,685163,364144,672124,288106,996
3.Earnings Before Tax55,76346,15034,98425,45117,370
5.Net Income38,10431,87123,01817,54012,628
8.P/E ratio