Some of Uchumi Supermarket’s assets could be auctioned in a week to repay a debt of Sh67 million owed to a supplier. The debt was incurred five years ago.

Euromart Limited, the owed supplier, obtained a court order which was sent to Uchumi’s head offices in Industrial Area and Ngong Road with a letter dated 3 December 2017.

Joseph Kirui, Euromart’s director said they supplied several goods such as trolleys, fridges, and shelves.

“We secured a tender through the normal process in Uchumi Supermarket and we supplied goods that we imported. We supplied five years ago and to date, I have not been paid. We have tried our best to follow up the matter but nobody has been concerned to pay us. So we went to court and secured a court order and there was a decree issued that we proceed to attach the equipment that at the Uchumi Supermarkets,” Kirui stated.

“What has been surprising is that people have been appointed as managers. They come, they loot and they go. Others come loot and go, leaving us the clients without any payments. Now another team is in. For how long will we continue like this?”

Euromart is awaiting Uchumi’s response, failure to which they will auction the supermarket’s assets. The auction will begin at the head office and then proceed to the other branches in Nairobi.


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